OLAPLEX - The latests addition to our service menu

By Donna, Nov 25 2015 11:16AM

we are proud to be one of the first salons in the local area to be an official stockist of OLAPLEX. - the new service all the celebrities are raving about!

This groundbreaking product is a treatment that uses a unique chemistry to repair the damaged

di-sulphide bonds in your hair, dramatically reducing breakage and enabling your colour to last longer. Your hairs elasticity will be greatly improved and regular use will continue to maintain and strengthen your hair combatting the harsh effects of chemical processes and heat styling.

OLAPLEX consists of a 2 step in salon treatment and is available as a stand alone treatment or you can upgrade your colour or perm service and have it while your hair is processing, so your hair will actually be repaired and stronger after the process then before!

To maintain the results in between salon treatments, we reccomend you purchase number 3 which is a once a week or as required take home treatment and available to purchase from Divas & Dudes hair boutique.

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